Raksha Bandhan 2022 date


When is Raksha Bandhan in 2022!

Raksha Bandhan in this 2022 is on the Thursday, 11th of Aug 2022 (8/11/2022).


Rakhi Bandhan Utsav (symbol of brother and sister love) – one of the most important religious and social festivals in our country.

Rakhi (Rakhi Bandhan Thursday 11 August 2022) Rakhi Purnima is an important festival in India.

Raksha Bandhan Facts?

Celebrations:- Sisters tie a Rakhi on brother wrist and Mark tilak (symbol of brother and sister love) Protects siblings

Muslims, Jains and Shikhas also celebrate this festival. This festival is usually worn by the sister to wish her brother a long life. This Rakhi Purnima Day festival is organized somewhere centering on this Rakhi Purnima. In some places, the people’s representatives put Rakhi on all the people of the area to create mutual friendship.